Malaysia’s most popular weekly women magazine and number one lifestyle women portal. Packed with inspiring articles for women of all ages and walks of life. Fashion, practical recipes, beauty tips, health, relationships, business, motivation & community topics are the myriad flavours of topics that embody the full spirited femme magazine.


Category: Women’s Magazine
Language: Bahasa Malaysia
Target Audience: Female, 25-50 Years Old
Frequency: Fortnightly on the 1st & 4th week
No. of Pages: 132 pages + 16 pages recipes booklet
Cover Price: RM 3.80
Size : 21cm (W) x 27.5cm (H)
Circulation : 60,000 copies

Reaching readers two times a week, Mingguan Wanita is circulated across Malaysia in two issues per month. We talk about women, human interest storytelling, and community-based orientations. We spoke about the unspoken and undiscussed health and beauty topics. Addressing women rights, dilemmas, and end-to-end women issues. Mingguan Wanita also has it own series of workshops under the campaign of Bantu Wanita.


No 1 Women’s Portal
Average Unique Visitors: 3,061,857
Average Pages Viewed: 6,598,827
Monthly Total Social Media Audience: 1,677,315
Target Audience: 18-45 Years Old
Hashtag: #TemanSetiapWanita

Last update: 20/1/20

Reaching readers two times a week, Mingguan Wanita is being circulated across Malaysia to issue
per month. We talk about women, human interest storytelling, community-based orientation. We
spoke the unspoken & undiscussed health and beauty topic. Addressing women rights, dilemmas, issues from end-to-end. Mingguan Wanita also have it owns series of workshop under the campaign of Bantu Wanita


Wah, tak sabar hakak nak tengok Mingguan Wanita versi program TV ke udara 13 Jun 2018 ni! Selalu baca majalah dan kisah Facebook jer, sekarang dah terus ke kaca TV hokey? So nantikan sama-sama siaran langsung Mingguan Wanita setiap Rabu, Khamis & Jumaat pukul 12.00 tengah hari, hanya di Astro Prima dan Astro Maya HD minggu depan!#mingguanwanita#kuasawanitadisini

Posted by Mingguan Wanita on Monday, June 4, 2018

TX Day: Wednesday to Friday
TX Time: 12:00-1:00 PM
Episodes: 101 episodes
Channel: Astro Prima & Maya HD
Genre: Talkshow

From print to digital and now Mingguan Wanita is one step ahead in reaching its audience. We are now on tv. Mingguan Wanita Talkshow, every Monday to Friday, on Astro Prima and Maya HD, features topics on women affairs. Beauty & fashion, love & relationships and unspoken topics that happens to women.

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