Triggers inspirations for brides-to-be to make preparations for her big day. Content includes dowry arrangements, bridal stage, bridal fashions and wedding photos: all exclusively featured. The rich options in this magazine are designed to assist the future husband and wife to create an unforgettable memorable experience.


Category: Bridal Magazine
Language: Bahasa Malaysia
Target Audience: Female, 20 Years Old & Above
Frequency: Quarterly (every 3 months)
No. of Pages: 148 pages
Cover Price: RM 9.90
Size : 23cm (W) x 27.3cm (H)
Circulation : 25,000 copies

No. 1 Wedding Magazine In Malaysia. We talk about ideas for the brides & grooms. The magazine brings together a wide range of products, services, wedding guides, trends and honeymoon ideas offered by the wedding industry.


Happily Ever After
Average Unique Visitors: 1,221,145
Average Pages Viewed: 2,194,192
Monthly Total Social Media Audience: 1,232,353
Target Audience: 18-35 Years Old
Hashtag: #pesonapengantin

Last update: 20/1/20

Inspiration for brides-to-be and curated bridal service portal. Engages to share tips and how-to content. Engages to provide new viral ideas. Lifestyle + Islamic.


Amanat Ustaz Roslan Mohamed Kepada Anak dan Menantu

Amanat seorang ayahanda Ustaz Roslan Mohamed kepada suami anak perempuannya setelah majlis akad nikah. Sebak tengok.Kredit: Ammar Roslan

Posted by Pesona Pengantin on Monday, September 17, 2018

Happily Ever After
Average Unique Visitors: 410,563
Average Pages Viewed: 964,641
Monthly Total Social Media Audience: 1,080,322
Target Audience: 18-35 Years Old
Hashtag: #pesonapengantin

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