Glitz, Let’s Be A Star

What is GLITZ

GLITZ is a platform that provide opportunities for Malaysians to use their skills and talents to generate income. Glitz provides the best options for industrial maker to look for talents or characters that suits their products. This is the best platform for organizations to look for crews or talents for their respective functions.

Let’s be a star !

GLITZ benefits

12-Month Membership

You will be known as GLITZ members or Glitterz! Your portfolio will be available on GLITZ website during the 12-month period.

Exposure & Part Time Job

GLITZ Talent Hub is a great place for talents to expose themselves to the TV/Advertisement/Modelling industry and generate income.

Welcoming To Talent Hub

GLITZ is a talent hub that provides various talents to cater different industries.

We welcome all sorts of talent! Physical appeal is NOT the only criteria.

Build Talent Portfolio

Talent will get a chance to meet a lot of people, get an experience and GLITZ will provide comp card for each Glitterz with validity of 1 year.


Join GLITZ today!