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There is so much happening in the industry lately! The Kancil Awards have just completed, not to forget the hype of 2018’s FIFA World Cup! France emerged 2018’s winner but Croatia will always have a soft spot in our hearts. We crafted and collected as much as we could into MARKETING Magazine’s Issue 224 – curious to know the hidden spice in Ayam Goreng McD’s campaign? We also met up with the gentle Godfather of Malay media in Malaysia, Dato (Dr) Hussamuddin Yaacub and more!

Content Highlights

Astro Winning Partnership Series

The crunchy sound of the crispy, hot Ayam Goreng McD has fired the imagination of Malaysians. The well-known commercial without absolutely any voiceover, just accompanied by the sounds of crunching has been winning over the taste buds of Malaysians who know their fried chicken well. However, the challenge was how to keep the success crunching on for McDonald’s to become Malaysia’s top fried chicken choice?

Cover Story – Precision Malay Marketing

Meet Dato (Dr) Hussamudin Yaacub, Chairman & Group MD of Kumpulan Media Karangkraf, T H Chong, Group Director of Astro Media Sales and Nurfuziana Ahamed the General Manager of Media Sales Development, Astro and the idea behind Nu Ideaktiv.


Creative TVC – Malaysia’s Directors Think Tank in top 10 position in Campaign Brief’s THE WORK 2018

Leading Southeast Asia production group Directors Think Tank (DTT) has been ranked No 10 in Campaign Brief’s THE WORK 2018! MARKETING meets up with Pat Singh, The Executive Producer at Directors Think Tank!


Top 10 Malaysia Raya TVC’s

What ARE your favourite Raya 2018 commercials? This year, we poured in our blood, sweat and rendang into finding Malaysia’s favourite Hari Raya commercials…


MARKETING Games 2018

Balls were flying all over the court. Cheers ensued every few minutes. Monster Energy drinks were gulped down in seconds. On another corner, fingers were tapping furiously on game consoles. Those were just a few of the exciting things going on at MARKETING Games on 7 July. Kicking things off at Paradigm Mall, Boulevard where agencies, media, and marketers alike gathered in anticipation…


Online streaming

Changing The Way Brands Advertise with Viu’s Upcoming Originals


Influencer marketing

Rocketfuel Entertainment fuels influencer marketing and branded content for World Cup 2018


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